About us

The Mission of Zuri Collection
Zuri Collection provides Tanzanian seamstresses and artisans with a marketplace to sell their clothing and accessories. Through this marketplace, artisans are enabled to help their families gain consistent employment, earn fair wages, and attain many other opportunities they my not otherwise have.
Our collection merges modern, timeless styles with traditional kitenge textiles, beads, and other indigenous Tanzanian materials.
Zuri aims to showcase the beauty of Tanzania through the works of our artisan partners. We believe every story is beautiful and we are grateful to be able to bring them to you!
Our Story
Zuri Collection is a business that seeks to create opportunity for artisans in Tanzania to grow their business by having access to a global marketplace and fair wages. It all started back in 2013 when founder, Abby, went to teach in Arusha Tanzania. Seeing firsthand how difficult it is for many Tanzanians to find a job that paid enough to support their families, she knew she wanted to do something to get involved. As a career teacher, she thought about starting a school, but after learning more about the power of our purchases, the injustices of the fashion industry, helping people grow their businesses became a passion. Abby traveled back to Arusha Tanzania in 2016, and it was then that she made the decision to start a company that represents the artisanship of Tanzania that gives Americans ethically-made, high-end fashion, accessories, and home goods. 
We are all implicated in the injustices of this world whether we realize it or not. Our purchases, every dollar we spend, stands for something or someone. The fast fashion industry is exploiting millions of artisans, seamstresses, and farmers in order to produce more clothing and sell them at a cheaper, and cheaper price. The cost to make clothes, however, has not decreased. Someone is paying the cost. Opportunities for consistent work and fair wages are few and far between in many developing countries, like Tanzania, although many artisans create beautiful work that is worthy of the global marketplace. 
Abby's goal is to create a brand where women who love fashion can find quality, ethically-made, and unique pieces. We love how God made all of us different, yet the same. He gave us all unique talents and diverse cultures, but all of us are made in His image and have a desire to have work and purpose. Zuri is a place where we see the beauty of God through the stories of women around the world. Our clothing and accessories represent those stories. When you wear or purchase Zuri, you are wearing and displaying a beautiful story. 
We give opportunity, not charity. It has been well documented that while giving away food, shelter, medical aid when people are in desperate need is necessary and good, the real way to create change in a community is to help create opportunity. Your purchases are empowering people to lift themselves out of poverty and provide for their families. All Zuri products are made in the communities we wish to help and are imported to the US for you to enjoy. 
We are a proud member of Chicago Fair Trade!
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