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Fashion is a world where we get to draw inspiration from so many places - from nature to artwork, city skylines to the colors of the sunset. But some of my favorite inspiration comes from people. As this month is Black History Month, I wanted to reflect on some of the African American women who have influenced fashion over the past many decades!
1. Dorothy Dandridge
African American style iconAfrican American style icon
Dorothy Dandridge is probably known best for being the first African American woman to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress in 1954, but she was also known for her style. She often was found wearing classic, tailored silhouettes, feminine blouses, and elegant jewelry. I love how she stuck to neutral colors that worked for her and timeless styles that would still be fierce today! 
2. Diana Ross
African American style icon
African American style icon
Diana Ross has been the Queen of Glamour ever since she came on the scene in the '60s. Never afraid of a little sparkle, Diana's theory with fashion and accessories is 'more is more!' And it always looks fabulous on her! Her look is decadent, beautiful, dramatic, and unapologetically confident. From rocking her big hair, bold eye make-up, glittery gowns, and sultry accessories, we still see celebrities trying to channel their inner-Diana today. 
3. Iman
African American Style Icon
African American style icon
Iman was born in Mogadishu, Somalia, but was discovered by an American photographer while at Nairobi University. Even though she isn't American, she has had a huge impact on the fashion industry in addition to creating a cosmetics line, focusing on difficult-to-find shades for women. Iman's style is always chic, she's not afraid of a bold print, and no matter what she's wearing, she makes it look effortless!
4. Michelle Obama
African American style icon
African American style icon
For the past eight years, Michelle Obama's style has been admired by the whole country. As FLOTUS she always looked feminine, professional, put-together, and yet approachable. Her style was modest, but she still was able to highlight her femininity and find pieces that compliment her figure. That's half the battle! Her signature knee-length, colorful dresses and skirts are timeless, but with her smile, she could probably pull off just about anything! Mrs. Obama did something amazing with fashion as well. While in the White House, garnering so much attention around what she wore, she took the opportunity to bring awareness to up and coming designers, and had something in her closet for everyone, showing fashion doesn't have to be expensive and exclusive. Clothes were not just clothes, but an expression of herself and her ideals. I'm excited to see how her style evolves in this next chapter of her life. 

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  • steve

    Great insights on female African American style! Love the timelessness in many cases and how a “smile” can allow one top pull of f any price point!!

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