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London Style, by Madison Engel

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One of my absolute favorite things about travelling is getting to see the different styles and trends that are popular in places far from home. There’s something so inspiring about the different prints, silhouettes and fabrics people choose, and I’m constantly in awe of how people around the world express themselves through bold fashion choices. On a recent trip to visit a friend in London, I was absolutely enchanted by the practicality of women’s clothing (think long, flowy dresses with few accessories), made unique with simple yet expressive differences. Here are three of the most common, and, quite frankly, refreshing fashion trends I found on the streets of this magical city.

  1. Maxi-Dresses with sneakers

Yes, you read that right! I’ve always been wary of travelling with sneakers of any kind for fear that I would instantly be targeted as a “typical American tourist,” but to my absolute surprise and delight, upon landing at Heathrow, virtually everywhere I looked were gorgeous, sophisticated Londoners donning simple maxi-dresses and colorful tennis shoes! Keeping on trend with the more subtle, simple style, the most common combination I found was a black maxi (perhaps with a small polka-dot or other simple pattern) teemed with white, mint or light pink tennis shoes.

Maxi Dress and Sneakers

Maxi Dress and Sneakers

  1. Teeny-tiny accessories

This past Summer especially, it seems that bold, playful and especially colorful accessories have burst onto the American fashion scene at lightning speed - all of a sudden you can expect to see women of all ages donning hot pink feathers or electric blue baubles to any event from a casual lunch to a formal wedding. Across the pond, however, the opposite seems to be in vogue, with women leaning towards subtle, simple jewelry. Think dainty, feminine necklaces with tiny freshwater pearls, or a delicate gold chain with a small, jeweled medallion.

Minimalist Jewelry

Minimalist jewelry

  1. Silk pants

Perhaps in response to the sweltering heat wave, women across the city were donning lightweight and flowy silk pants to work. Living in Chicago where the summers can be brutally humid, I thought this was a genius solution to the heat - these elegant and easy-to-wear bottoms can be teamed with a professional silk or cotton top for work, and can easily transition to early-evening drinks (something I learned the Londoners are especially fond of). If you’re typically a more bold fashionista, this is a great opportunity to introduce a fun print or bright color - just remember that a true Londoner would keep the shoes and jewelry super simple!

Silk Pants

Silk Pants


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