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Hi Friends! It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Even though this time of year if filled with twinkle lights, cozy sweaters, and the hope of what's to come, there is also the anxiety and pressure of consumerism that can feel all too much. So, with the busiest shopping weekend of the year fast approaching, here are a few words about the privilege we have to avoid the craziness and do a world of good this season!

We have the power with our purchases to support businesses that are getting it right - that pay their employees a fair wage, that ethically source their materials, and that are transparent about their business practices. Families who work for these co-ops and companies are changed because they have the financial stability to buy food, shelter, and school fees. Communities are transformed because women and men are empowered to thrive. How better to celebrate this holiday season than to give gifts that support artisan businesses around the world?

Here is Zuri's Guide to Giving:

The Hostess Gift: Beaded Coasters

Along with this season comes lots of holiday parties. Bring a set of these coasters along with a bottle of wine for a unique and special hostess gift!

The Stocking Stuffer: Elastic Tassel Bracelets (Olive and/or Orange)

These Elastic Tassel Bracelets are the perfect little treasure to find wrapped up in your stocking. A great gift for your teenager, a friend, or your sister!

Under The Tree: The Abuu Blanket

Unwrap something cozy and enjoy it all winter long! Hand-woven on a loom, this blanket is a thoughtful gift for just about anyone on your list.

For Your Mom: The Knot Necklace

Treat your mom to a classic and timeless silhouette with a little pop of festive color!


For Your Sister: The Beaded Leather Cuff

This is truly a special gift - a work of art for her wrist. Embodying both elegance and edginess, the Beaded Leather Cuff is a favorite of ours!


A Little Holiday Bling: Beaded Hoop Earrings and Warrior Bracelet

Need a little sparkle for your holiday parties? Add pops of gold and white to your outfit! The best part...these earrings and bracelet can just as easily be worn wth jeans. :) 

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season! Happy shopping!


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  • Impressive products and so sensible!!!

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