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Fashion Revolution

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Today marks the 4 year anniversary of the Rana Plaza collapse in Bangladesh. Rana Plaza was home to five factories where many mainstream brands' apparel was made. The building itself was poorly constructed and the garment workers were not treated much better. 1137 of the over 3600 workers were confirmed dead, and many more were injured. Learn more here.
That tragic event shook things up in the fashion world. People have since then started asking more questions and digging into the realities of injustice and oppression that have been overlooked for years. We are joining with many other brands, companies, and individuals this week to bring awareness to Fashion Revolution and to advocate for human rights in the global fashion industry. 
Fashion Revolution
How can you get involved?
One great way to get involved is to become more and more of a conscious consumer by learning about the brands you currently wear/purchase from as well as learning about new brands where you know who made the products and how/where the materials were sourced. But if you're looking for something beyond that, join the Fashion Revolution movement this week by asking brands, "who made my clothes?"
fashion revolution
fashion revolution who made my clothes
This week, Zuri is having a sale on all of our skirts in honor of Fashion Revolution Week. Maybe this will be your first piece of fair trade fashion, or maybe it will be your 100th...either way you'll be part of a global movement to ensure human rights and dignity in the fashion industry.
Use the code FASHIONREVOLUTION for 20% off all skirts this week! 4/24-4/30

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