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Wall Baskets

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Wall baskets are trending! Have you noticed? Of course, basketry has always been in style and probably will always be in style, but they have recently been getting the noterietay they deserve and are appearing on the walls of homes everywhere! 

You may be wondering, "Why wall baskets?" I'm glad you asked! Here are few reasons why I think these stunning pieces are currently taking the home decorating industry by storm.

1. More and more people are desiring products that are both handmade and ethically-made. That way their homes can be filled with pieces that have meaning and/or cultural significance. Who doesn't love the idea of creating a space that is both beautiful and inspirational? 

"Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful." - William Morris

2. People want an organic and natural aesthetic for their homes and families. There is a timeless chicness that natural fibers and neutral colors bring to interior design. Natural fibers never go out of style and they can go with just about any style from boho to traditional and anywhere in between!

3. Let's face it - baskets are more affordable than a lot of artwork. If I can spend half the price on baskets (that can also be repurposed) than I would on a painting or framing photography, then that's a win to me! 

People are always telling me how beautiful our baskets are and that they want to incorporate them into their homes, but that they aren't confident knowing how many to get or how to arrange them on the wall they have in mind. So I have gathered some of my favorite pictures of inspiration to help guide you - both from our customers and from the good ol' Internet! I have categorized the types of arrangements into four basic themes to help you picture how baskets could look in your home. Hopefully there is something for everyone!! 

1. The Accent Wall

Wall Baskets

Zuri Collection, African Baskets, Wall Baskets, Tanzania

wall baskets

Zuri Collection Basket Walls

The Accent Wall is a great place to start with basket walls. You can easily get two or three baskets for under $100 and achieve a very beautiful, timeless, and organic aesthetic. Pro Tip: Hang your baskets off-center if you're going for the asymmetrical look. If your walls are like the bottom two pictures, and you're baskets will be more symmetrical, hang different styles across from each other so that even if the shape is symmetrical, the baskets aren't too matchy-matchy! 

2. The Mural Wall

 African Baskets, Zuri Collection, Wall Baskets, Tanzania

African Baskets, Wall Baskets, Tanzania, Zuri Collection

wall baskets

The Mural Wall has endless possibilities! Hang them in an orderly fashion or in an asymmetrical shape. This is a great way to mix and match and to add a lot of interest to a room or a large wall. Pro Tip: These tend to look best when done in an odd number to create a little asymmetry and interest!

3. Gallery Wall

gallery wall with wall baskets

wall basket gallery wall

wall baskets, African baskets, zuri collection, tanzaniaZuri Collection Basket Walls

The Gallery Wall is another fun way to incorporate baskets into your home! I love the look of mixing baskets with other types of art or decor. Larger walls can be hard to fill, and using wall baskets along with a mirror or photographs can be a beautiful and affordable way to achieve the look you want! Pro Tip: Mixing different sizes and shapes makes gallery walls look put together, balanced, and artistic. 

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Thank you to our customers, Jenny, Amy, Melissa, Kate, Hannah, and Melissa for letting us show how you have so beautifully utilized your Zuri baskets!!!


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