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Artisan Feature: Asneth

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This is Asneth, one of the amazing women who weaves our baskets. Asneth lives with her five children in the rural Mwivuza village in Northwestern Tanzania, bordering Rwanda and Burundi. Following local traditions, Asneth started weaving at a young age and quickly mastered various techniques and designs. In 2008, she joined WomenCraft (our artisan partners) as one of the first artisans to weave with the social enterprise. Today, Asneth is proud to be one of the five lead artisan, overseeing order production and quality control over 300 artisans.   
It is my desire to foster a connection between our customers and our artisan partners, so we asked them some questions to help you get to know them better! What I consistently find when I travel is that, even though on the surface life seems so different and unlike what I am accustomed to, when I take the time to get to know someone, I find out how at our core we are all very much the same. Here are some of Asneth's responses to the questions we asked:
artisan partner
Q: What do you like most about your job with WomenCraft?
A: "Weaving is my passion and I like that WomenCraft allows me to provide for my family by being an artisan. Now all my children are able to go to school. I also enjoy being a ‘lead artisan’ and give trainings to the artisan groups I supervise." 
Q: If there was something you wanted our customers to know, what would it be?
A: "I would like our customers to understand the effort, techniques and systems that go into making each of our products. Everything is woven by hand and even a small product can take several days to make. Our products are beautiful and we are ready for orders from customers around the world!"


Q: Has there been something in your life you feel you've had to overcome? How did you do it?
A: "Paying school fees used to be difficult for our family when our income depended on our farming. Now, my weaving income covers all my children’s school fees and enables me also to cover other school expenses like uniforms and school materials."
Q: What are your favorite things about Tanzania?
A: "I appreciate our life in Tanzania as we don’t have to worry about conflict. Here we can live in peace and love."
artisan partner
Before joining WomenCraft, Asneth spent her days farming, mostly for food and generating little income for the household. With an agricultural livelihood, her family was vulnerable as harvests were regularly spoiled by crop diseases and poor climatic conditions. Now she is able to earn a consistent and livable income, and says her family is very proud of her! Shop our Basket Collection here

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